The APAGE Council is pleased to call for applications for the APAGE Research Programme Award for the year 2022 from APAGE member societies to encourage, stimulate and aid gastroenterological researches.



APAGE Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting - 18th August 2021



APAGE Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting – 6th December 2020


APAGE IBD Working Group Guidelines on the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Council Members and Members of APAGE Member Societies,

On behalf of the Executive Committee of APAGE, we hope you are keeping well during this trying period of this unprecedented pandemic. Please stay safe and we will continue to do our best for our patients and yet keep our fellow colleagues and ourselves safe.

In this moment of crisis, the APAGE Workgroup on IBD has worked on a document for our Asian gastroenterologists. It is entitled, “Guidelines on the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease during the COVID-19 Pandemic”. The core writing committee consisted of Drs Khoon-Lin Ling (Singapore), Raja Affendi (Kuala Lumpur), Ida Hilmi (Kuala Lumpur), Rupert Leong (Sydney), Zhi-Hua Ran (Shanghai), Vineet Ahuja (New Delhi), Siew-Chien Ng (Hong Kong) and Choon-Jin Ooi (Singapore). The final document was vetted by the rest of the members of the Workgroup. This document can be assessed here. We understand much of the guidance is based on consensus as evidence is still emerging. The Workgroup will continue to update document periodically.

Additionally, there are links to selected resources from various international bodies for cross reference. Finally, we would also like to highlight a database registry called SECURE-IBD (https://covidibd.org/) to help record IBD patients who suffer from COVID-19.

We wish one and all every success in curbing this virus.

Professor Dai-Ming Fan
President, APAGE

Associate Professor Choon-Jin Ooi
Vice-President, APAGE
& Lead, APAGE Workgroup on IBD

Professor Justin Che-Yuen Wu
Secretary-General, APAGE

Professor Tooru Shimosegawa
Treasurer, APAGE


Message from the President

It is a great honor and pleasure to write this message as the new President of APAGE. It is a difficult and highly responsible position and Professor Kentaro Sugano has served for four years with his outstanding leadership. His dedicated efforts have transformed the operation of APAGE into a more active and influential organisation. Each member society with a council seat has participated in the discussion together on the APAGE operation including selection of Executive Committee members, proposal of monothematic meetings, endorsement of loco-regional academic activities, and applications to the clinician-scientist training fellowship. Thus, APAGE has remained as an interactive platform for every member society and active participation is crucial to maintain and improve our activities. Furthermore, he promoted the communication and collaboration between APAGE and the affiliated associations such as WGO, AGA, etc. to an unprecedented height. I will continue to expand this cooperation, as I currently serve as the International Member of the National Academy of Medicine USA, Board of Directors of the Union for International Cancer Control, and President of China Anti-Cancer Association. During my presidency term, I intend to increase our membership with the aim of covering the entire Asian Pacific region.

We are also very happy that Ms Molly Kong and Ms Michele Theng continue to work as our secretariat together with our financial assistant, Ms Venus Yeung in Hong Kong. To further strengthening our impact on academics, we have created a new committee in our association. This committee, named Guidelines/Consensus Committee, chaired by Professor Min-Hu Chen, is responsible for the evidence-based practice in the Asian Pacific region which will enhance our impact in the gastroenterological community. We have appointed Professor Varocha Mahachai and Professor Kai-Chun Wu for the Award Committee; Professor Tiing-Leong Ang for the Newsletter Committee; Professor Kazuichi Okazaki and Professor Wai-Keung Leung for the Research Fund Committee and Professor Emad Munir El-Omar for the APAGE-AGA Joint Symposium Committee.

Together with our new Executive Committee members, Vice President Professor Choon-Jin Ooi, Secretary-General Professor Justin Wu, and Treasurer Professor Tooru Shimosegawa, I sincerely thank our member societies for your support to APAGE and do hope that you will extend further input to co-promote our activities. Any success that APAGE may achieve has to come through the joint efforts of those who have come before me and who will join me over the next two years in service to the APAGE.

Professor Dai-Ming Fan
President, APAGE

APAGE/JGH Foundation Clinician-Scientist Training Fellowship 2019
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The 1st issue of JGH Open which is a sister journal of the JGH has been launched. Our 1st issue online was on 18th September 2017. We look forward to more submissions from all readers from the Asian pacific region and we hope you can encourage members of your socity/association to contribute articles to the journal. Click here for pdf.
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